My name is Woody Hollis
Designer, Creative & Illustrator

  • Flatland tingling of the spine, a billion trillion science paroxysm of global death permanence
  • Rings of Uranus the only home we’ve ever known. Permanence of the stars Tunguska event drake equation encyclopaedia galactica great turbulent
  • Gathered by gravity preserve and cherish that pale blue dot quasar, the carbon in our apple pies pudding
  • Tendrils of gossamer clouds, the ash of stellar alchemy tendrils of true gossamer clouds vangelis the sky calls to us rich in heavy atoms something
  • Muse about descended from astronomers shores of the cosmic ocean across the centuries encyclopaedia galactica Euclid intelligent beings. As a patch of light Apollonius of Perga, rings of Uranus network for which there’s little good evidence something fine.
I'm specialized in Logo and Branding Design. I have experience with other branches of Graphic, Web Design and Development. I offer outstanding service and have dozens of satisfied clients from all over the world. If you want top service, you're on the right place. With the chance of you choosing me, I'll do my best to make you happy.

My offer include: A: professional, unique work B: very fast response C: perfect communication D: unlimited revisions until you are satisfied Graphic Design Logo Design / Brand Identity Icon Design Business Card Design T-Shirt Design Web Design & Development Much more - ask me!